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You could be in that lineup since Chris is under the Vader hood. Remember, no disintegrations. Picture Lucasfilms, Disney, probably others.

So, you want a shot at $1,000?

As we hurdle prematurely into the offseason for the White Sox, we will continue to analyze the team and get ready for spring training through your favorite “for fans by fans” podcast, Sox in the Basement, and this space here for those who like reading. We aren’t going anywhere even if Rick Hahn says Craig Kimbrel is going somewhere.

But we also aim to entertain and it can be very entertaining to talk to famous people. But our resources are somewhat spread thin, what with having an empire to maintain. So we hire you, our listeners, to be Bounty Hunters and hunt for bounty. Not the paper towels, the prey. The target. The elusive cool as hell holy what the how is that person talking to Chris and Ed and in my ear right now celebrity.

So your mission is to bring us the biggest name you can from the sports or entertainment worlds to appear on an episode of Sox in the Basement. The way you win: You must facilitate an interview on Sox in the Basement by a celeb however you can hook it up. Your celebrity must actually make an appearance on the show. “Appearance” means an interview conducted by phone, video or at the 9-ft. homemade oak bar (or wherever they want to be) conducted between a host of Sox in the Basement and the celebrity. Sox in the Basement will coordinate booking the time, place and method of interviewing the celebrity. To enter, contact Sox in the Basement with contact information or otherwise work with us to set up the appearance. When the celebrity is verified as the real deal and appears on the podcast, your entry into the contest is official. Sox in the Basement will determine the date of appearance and notify the entrant. The winner will be determined at the end of the day on March 31, 2022 by online voting as to the best celebrity appearance out of all entries. Online voting will open on or around March 15, 2022. Entries will not be accepted for the contest after February 15, 2022 although appearances may air after that date.

So how do you enter? Call us at (708) 459-8406 and leave a message with details…go to and contact us, or use the microphone button on the page to leave us a message…DM us @soxinthebasement on Twitter…hit up the Facebook page…so many ways to tell us who ya got!!

Now, in addition to no disintegrations, there are rules and restrictions:

Participants must be 18 or older to qualify and a legal resident of the USA. Contest is void where prohibited and has not been registered in all 50 states; entrants are recommended to review their local laws prior to entry. Sox in the Basement and its sponsors are not responsible for reviewing all entries for compliance. All attempts at getting a celebrity to appear on the podcast must be conducted in a lawful manner, and all participants agree to hold Sox in the Basement and its employees, owners, sponsors, agents and assigns harmless from any criminal or civil liability for acts done by the participant in this event. Sox in the Basement may, at their sole discretion, deny an entry or decline to interview the celebrity, and shall not be required to give the participant any explanation for the decision or compensation. Sox in the Basement will not accept entries that require payment of an appearance fee, or where the celebrity would require endorsement of a product, service, group or viewpoint or which would violate community standards. All decisions and polls are final. No purchase is necessary.


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Contact Butch Zemar about setting up benefit plans for your business and to learn more about what Butch can do go to and listen to the Zemar Podcast.

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