CEASE AND DESIST: Solving The White Sox’ Early Problems

It is early. We are but three weeks into a season that should last 26 weeks barring any Covid-19 issues or work stoppages or, you know, like a really good series premiering on Netflix or Hulu or some other streaming service. Three weeks is enough time to start wondering about a few things, but earlyContinue reading “CEASE AND DESIST: Solving The White Sox’ Early Problems”


So it goes that in the early part of the season Tony LaRussa declared that Andrew Vaughn was not a core player and needed to earn his at-bats. Meanwhile, the likes of Nick Williams, Billy Hamilton, Leury Garcia and Jake Lamb get starts over Vaughn even though the rook’s limited slash line is more productive.Continue reading “A POSSIBLE EPIC FIGHT, A DEFINITE EPIC NIGHT AND JUST A BIT OF FRIGHT”


The Weird Sox get a meaningful meaningless win It was just a Monday. Fans were at work, unemployed fans were unaware it was Monday, Garfield the Cat was running the now 40+ year old hating Mondays gag into the ground and somewhere, someone was posting the Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays” on social mediaContinue reading “ONE CRAZY MONDAY (THAT SAVED THE SEASON)”


The emergence of the Yerminator and an unwritten future Static electricity crackled through Glendale and a breeze kicked up from nowhere. A sphere of pure energy formed and a naked backup catcher appeared, walked out of the shower and got dressed for a spring training game, effectively telling a few players that he needed theirContinue reading “WHAT DOES IT ALL YERMIN?”

Takin’ it Hot, Sweatin’ it, and a Happy Ending

Mismatched Sox HOTT Takes from around the league. The extra T is for Truth. Or the extra T is for terrible. Or twiddle, because my phone wanted that word. Either way let’s see what the league hath wrought one weekend and a day in. NL East: The Mets and Nats were postponed for Covid reasons,Continue reading “Takin’ it Hot, Sweatin’ it, and a Happy Ending”


Let’s play the prediction game and see what the future holds for the Sox…and the rest of the league. WHITE SOX: Record: 95-67, 1st in AL Central because screw the Twins. Playoffs: ALDS 3-0 over Tampa; ALCS 4-2 over NYY; WS 4-3 over Dodgers. Seems legit. Best Overall Hitter: Yoan Moncada, .311 avg., 24 2B,Continue reading “MEATBALLS, PRAYERS AND TRUTH: The Future Predicted”


A Lineup’s worth of Things about the Sox that worry me, an ongoing list: WHAT HAVE I BEEN SAYING THIS WHOLE TIME??? WTF HAVE I BEEN SAYING? EVERY. BLOG. SINCE. I. STARTED. THIS. BIT. HAVE I NOT BEEN CLEAR??? WAS IT TOO MUCH OF A JOKE?? I know…I’m supposed to be entertaining…BUT SERIOUSLY. WHAT DIDContinue reading “A VERY SPECIAL AGGRAVATION”

MVP Talk in Spring Training: Because We’re Stuck in a Rut

This is the time in spring training where there’s not much to talk about. This is a good problem to have. The Sox have little injury news of note (Adam Engel, Jimmy Cordero and Jace Fry are the headliners now that Yasmani Grandal is back). There are no controversies like the Yankees and Phillies wrestlingContinue reading “MVP Talk in Spring Training: Because We’re Stuck in a Rut”

Are You Programmed for Etiquette and Protocol?

WE’RE BACK, BABY!!! Back in the ballpark. Taken out to the ballgame. With the crowds. Buy me some peanuts and PPE…I sure hope there’s no Covid for me… There won’t be. We can and will do this safely and give the White Sox the cheers and reactions that they richly deserve in person. And I’mContinue reading “Are You Programmed for Etiquette and Protocol?”

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